Thursday, December 18, 2014

Your tea basket can be clean again...

I know, I know, I start this blog and then pretty much post nothing for weeks.  I've been busy working, for real working.  I need to make money to buy tea some how. :)

Today I wanted to share a little cleaning tip and tell you something you probably already know, which is that Oxi Clean is freaking AMAZING!  I know I sound like an infomercial right now but seriously this stuff is a miracle worker.  Look below at my before and after of this doily I washed in it.  Seriously, crazy town.

Yeah, see it's amazing, but you knew that!  The only problem with this stuff is that it's not really good for the environment so when I do use it I try to get as many things clean with the amount I have already mixed up.  I have heard that it's possible to make a greener version of this stuff on your own at home; so I am going to have to try that some day and let you know about it, but not today.  Okay, back to my original post...

Once upon a time a few months back I decided it was finally time to throw out my old stainless steel basket that held the tea leaves in my cast iron tea pot.  It was so dirty and looked like a serious health hazard. So I went online in search of a new one and stumbled upon a tip on how to clean it.   They said all I had to do was soak the basket in some water and Oxi Clean and it would be as good as new. Bullshit, this thing was disgusting there was no fixing it, but I'm cheap and thought I would give it a go just in case.  Well, to my surprise they were right! It came clean and really did look like the day I bought it.  

So back to the doily again...the doily is clean and now I have a bowl of Oxi Clean solution that I would like to get at least one more use out of so I searched my house for something to clean...

I grabbed my single cup tea basket, not too bad but a little stained and dingy.  I dropped it in the solution, left it over night and the next morning cleaned it with soap and water.  Soap and water! That's important! You really want to wash your tea basket well, maybe even toss it in the dishwasher, because i'm pretty sure you should be be ingesting Oxi Clean.  After that it's all sparkly and ready to go! Tea time!

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