Friday, November 28, 2014


Hello World! Nice to meet you.  Charmed, I’m sure.  This is going to be my little place to share.  I will share  what’s on my mind because I have an endless supply of opinions and stories and to share what project I am currently working on because there is always something! 

Since we just celebrated the delicious holiday Thanksgiving, I will share a couple recipes from our dinner. 

First the most important thing the drink! Holiday Sangria stolen from Tommy Bahamas, well sorta stolen.  I have no idea what the recipe is other than the description on the menu.  Soooo the recipe in my kitchen goes like this:

1 Bottle of Port
½ a Bottle of cranberry gingerale
Some spiced rum
A little bit of cranberry juice (the unsweetened kind)
Mulled spices
Pumpkin pie spices
Sliced green apples

Mix all of the above in a large bowl or pitcher to taste and let steep? Soak? for a little bit then drink! Very tasty..3 out of my 4 guests loved it, and the 4th well doesn't count because they don’t like wine so boo on them.

The next recipe I was very excited to try this year was Pumpkin Mousse.  I am tired of the traditional pumpkin pie and wanted something different but the same and this was the answer and it was delicious!

Here is the link to the recipe I used:

Instead of crumbling the cookies into the mousse I served them on the side for dipping.  Yummy!

I hope everyone had a wonderful and tasty Thanksgiving!