Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Tea Time in Hawaii

Where ever I go on vacation I always look for some place to have afternoon tea.  It's one of my favorite things to do and I always look forward to it.

So we started the trip with afternoon tea at The Kahala Hotel.   The tea was very enjoyable, but I felt it wasn't quite as good as the afternoon tea I had experienced at the Moana Surfrider during my last trip to Hawaii.  Don't get me wrong it was a nice afternoon tea, our server was wonderful, and you simply can not beat the view.  That being said I have had better and thought since it was The Kahala I would be blown away.  The interesting thing is my mom, who had tea at The Kahala last year, seemed to have had a much tastier tea.  So maybe I just simply didn't like the current menu.  Either way here are a few pictures for you to decide....

The Moana Surfrider tea a few years ago...

I give the Moana Surfrider extra points because they served loose leaf tea and The Kahala simply put one tea bag in my pot.  Also the Moana Surfrider started the tea with soup and ended it with ice cream, I have never had that else where so bonus points to them.  

Now on to tea at The Kahala...

It is pretty hard to beat the view, one direction you have the ocean, the other dolphins.

The desserts looked pretty, but the chocolate tart was the only one that tasted good.

This was the salmon, which was good, but not great.

Now here are the pictures my mom took of her tea at The Kahala....

Now this looks like a delicious salmon sandwich....

So like I said, the tea I had was very nice, I just didn't love it.  This is just my personal opinion and I know most places change and rotate their menus so I might have just been there at the wrong time.  If you are there though do not pass it up.  This is a lovely way to spend the afternoon.  

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

My Trip to Hawaii

It's been a little bit since my last post, because the hubby and I took a little trip to Oahu, Hawaii.  We had such an enjoyable and relaxing time, I can't wait to go back.  We stayed at The Kahala Hotel & Resort  and I absolutely loved it.  The hotel has a very luxurious feel to it but in a laid back kinda way, which I think is the perfect combination for a Hawaiian vacation.

A few years ago we took our first trip to Oahu and stayed right on Waikiki Beach at the Moana Surfrider.  The hotel was lovely but Waikiki was just too crowded for us.  So this time we chose the The Kahala because it is only about a 15 minute drive away but so much quieter and calmer.  An added bonus of staying at The Kahala is that they have dolphins, sea turtles, and stingrays right on site by the pool.  I spent so much time just watching them swim around and play every day.

We ate breakfast every day and a few other meals at the hotel and they were all delicious.  Every evening they serve dinner and cocktails at The Veranda accompanied by live music.  The music was great and while the menu was pretty limited the food was still very tasty.  

We ventured down to Waikiki a few times for meals, shopping, and to check out the Honolulu Festival.  We stopped by the craft fair, watched a couple performances, and then stayed for the parade Sunday evening.  The parade traveled down the entire Waikiki strip and was very entertaining and different from any parade I have seen back home.


There really is a lot to do and see on Oahu including tea! Yes, there is tea to be had all over Oahu, but this post is getting a little longer than expected so I will have to save the best part for another day...