Friday, December 5, 2014

Candles are a flowers best friend....

There are two décor items I can’t live without, fresh flowers and candles.  If I can find a candle that smells wonderful and looks good I’m a happy girl.

A lot of people spend good money on candles, burn them, and toss them.  What a waste!  If that candle was pretty enough for your home with wax in it and it will look even better with some flowers in it! If you love candles then you will never have to buy a vase again, okay maybe you will but not as many.

Once your candle burns all the way down pop it in the freezer and wait a day.  Soy candles burn down and disappear better than wax candles but you can do this with both.

Okay, so in my case it’s been a week I forgot all about it and I go to get some chicken out of the freezer, no worries it’s still good to go.  Postpone dinner, grab an old butter knife or screw driver and CAREFULLY stab the wax.   It will either pop out or break into chunks, either way you can empty the container fairly easy.  You may need to use a little goo gone if there’s anything sticky remaining on the bottom from the wick, but other than that just wash with dish soap and you are ready to go. 

Now run out side cut and collect anything in your yard that looks good, maybe your neighbor’s yard if it’s really, really pretty and they aren’t home.  Remember to clean the stems of any flowers or branches you just cut before arranging them, the leaves will rot in the water.  Now you have lovely little arrangements all over your house for free! Well sorta free, you bought the candle and maybe your neighbor hates you now…but you know what I mean…

    a few pomegranate branches

a little sage and dwarf myrtle, pretty and smells so good

and don't forget all the the reed diffusers you are throwing away make great bud vases...

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