Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Saving fabric and your ass from spilled wax

I am amazing at cleaning stuff, somewhat of a cleaning expert if I do say so myself.  How did I acquire this skill? Well I am also an expert at ruining things; I have a knack for it.  If it stains, I've spilled it.  Once I even managed to spill an entire quart of paint on the carpet going upstairs and the carpet is still there and looking good.  So you are in luck, I am going to share all the tricks I have learned over the years on how to save things after that “oh shit" moment.

Today I need to fix this doily.  Yeah, I know I’m, and well maybe your grandma, are the only people in the world still using doilies.  I don’t care, I like them.  Anyways I let a candle burn a bit too much and it melted over the side, now my lovely doily has a big pile of dried wax on it.  I have sadly done this before, more times than I want to admit.  Carpet too, I have somehow spilled wax on to carpet multiple times, sorry Mom!  Lucky for me after all these accidents I have mastered getting wax off of everything.

Here is the doily with the dried wax on it.

First you need to bend the fabric and break off as much dried wax as you can.

Next get out some brown paper bags, I feel the thinner paper works best because the heat penetrates them more, but who knows.  Place one bag under the fabric and one on top.  Make sure you are putting the brown part on your fabric.  You don’t want any pictures or writing transferring on to it.

Now get out your iron and warm that baby up.  Firmly press on the area where the wax is for a few seconds at a time.  You will see the wax melting on to the bag.  Keep going and moving the bag around for clean areas.  Keep on ironing until the wax is gone or until your happy enough to live with it.

When I was done ironing I hand washed it and TADA! Good as new, and apparently it desperately needed to be washed.  Now go burn some candles! Preferably the Christmassy smelling ones...


  1. Wow it sure was dirty good thing you did get wax on it lol. But that is a great idea on getting wax out.

  2. Nope, your not the only one that likes them, I do too. Thanks for the tip! Aunt Rita