Monday, December 15, 2014

Rustic Star Ornaments...

Every Christmas gets a little prettier at my house because I am always adding, enhancing, or editing my décor and trees.
I already do a big traditional tree and a little “kitchen” tree, so this year I decided we were ready for a rustic woodsy tree. The Mr. is from upstate New York so naturally over the years we have accumulated some really cute Adirondack themed ornaments and we finally have enough for them to get their own tree.

I really hate things in my home to be overly perfect and matching. I like things that are more quirky and hand made, it just feels more like “home” to me.

So I gathered together some scraps I had left over from reupholstering a chair not too long ago and printed out a star template.

My first idea was to sew a few different stars together but that didn’t quite work out. The velvet and linen stars sewed up quickly and easily…

…but the jute webbing was not on my side. 

With every stitch it was falling apart more and more. After sitting there and making faces at my pile of fraying jute stars, I finally decided to brush some glue on the edges to seal them and just hang them like that. As I was standing there looking at my glued edges my obvious next train of thought was Glitter! I mean the glues already there and everything is better with a little glitter, right?

So I glued a little gold glitter to the edges of my jute stars and glued some red yarn onto them for a hanger.

I then let them dry over night on some parchment paper, because in my mind if cookies don't stick to parchment paper then neither do ornaments. The next morning they were dry and ready to go!

I think my rustic tree is looking pretty good for his first year, next year he might need a little something else...


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  1. oh they are cute I like them. Good Idea keep coming up with more :)