Thursday, April 23, 2015

My "Shop" is Open!

I did it! I finally opened a shop on Etsy!  I have been buying things on Etsy for years, but have never jumped in myself.

I have a small obsession with all things vintage and antique, these pieces really make a house feel like home to me.  I believe I inherited this love from my grandma whose home is decorated so wonderfully and could easily double as a museum.  She has an amazing talent for decorating and collecting and I can only wish to have a home as beautiful as her's someday.  As a kid I never truly appreciated how amazing her home was, but I did know that I always felt so comfortable, loved, and at home there.  I still remember when I was a teenager telling her all about a new bedroom set I just got that I thought was amazing and probably the coolest thing ever.  It was very 90's modern and shiny black with silver trim.  She listened to me and told me how when she was younger she loved modern furniture too, and then her taste slowly turned to traditional/country and then to antiques.  She said someday I too would probably like antiques.  I thought to myself, and probably out loud too knowing me, that I would never like the same decor as my grandma.  Well she obviously knew better than I did and today I would love to live in her home.  

So over the years I have slowly decorated and collected just the right pieces for my home, it truly is a constant work in progress.  Some things I bring home and right away they have a spot or fill a need, others move around my house until they settle in, but some never find a place.  I also have found I just really really love going to sales and finding a great buy.  Sometimes it's all about the thrill of the hunt.  So I decided if I want to continue on this treasure hunt I am going to need a place to put my finds and a way to fund it.  I have dreamed about a little shop but right now that's just a dream, I have looked into renting a booth in an antique mall and I am just not quite ready for that.  So for the moment the place that seems most logical is

I have been reading and researching this on and off for months, but the only way I am going to learn and figure it out is to just jump right in.  Today I did just that.  I opened up a shop and listed my first item and I will just figure it out as I go and pray for the best.  This how I do most things, okay all things, in my life so here I go!

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