Monday, April 27, 2015

How to get wrinkles out of Restoration Hardware's Vintage Velvet...

Well, I finally broke down and bought a new "grown-up" bed and it's about time considering I have had the same bed since I was a senior in high school.  I have a hard time buying new furniture especially if it's a big purchase.  I strive to buy the perfect piece which for me means the following things... 1) I have to absolutely love everything about it, no settling 2) It has to be made well enough to last 3) I have to have a vision for it in the future, will it still work when I change my style in a few years?  4) I'm not made of money so I have to be able to afford it, i'm willing to save up for it, but not take out a loan...

So because of all these issues it takes me a little bit, some times years to find the perfect piece of furniture, but when I do it's always worth it.  So here it is my new bed! It is the Chesterfield Fabric Sleigh Bed in Sand Vintage Velvet from Restoration Hardware

Okay, so maybe the picture is more about my boys than the bed, but they are just so cute! 

Now on to the real point of this post...

When you order this bed you pick the fabric so it is a custom order and takes forever.  I waited over 3 months for this baby to show up so when it did I wanted to keep it.  Unfortunately once the delivery guys set it up I noticed this...

Ahhh! Wrinkles! My beautiful vintage velvet fabric was all messed up with what looked like permanent wrinkles and creases from the packaging materials.  I was annoyed to say the least.  I emailed Restoration Hardware since they are normally great about handing any issues you have.  I was hoping they would just say that with time the wrinkles would go away and this was normal or some nonsense like that.  Instead they wanted me to exchange the bed...what!? No way was I waiting another 3 months..oh I can keep this bed until a new one shows up?...Nope still not doing it. I don't want to deal with the delivery of a new bed again.  They then offered to pay for the bill if I want to hire an upholsterer to come to fix it or I can keep it like this and they will give me some money back.  After some research on how to get wrinkles out of velvet I chose the third option and took the small discount/refund and then went to work.  I refused to believe this was that hard to fix and I was right. 

This is all it took:

I used a spray bottle and lightly sprayed some water on the wrinkles, the water bubbled up at first so I rubbed it in then immediately dried it up with tissues. 

I kept doing this, spraying, gently rubbing, and patting with tissues.  I went through ALOT of tissues.

Once the wrinkles were pretty much gone I used a hair dryer on medium heat on the fabric and gently rubbed the fabric to completely dry it and fluff up the velvet. 

Of course I tested this first.  I had scraps of some of this same fabric I used on a chair and after it worked on that fabric, I then tested a small spot on the bed behind the headboard.  Once I was positive I wouldn't ruin the bed by spraying water on it I went to work.  

The trick is to not get it too wet and to not let the water sit for too long.  You need to make sure it dries with blow dryer and drys all fluffed up.

These wrinkles ran down the entire length of the foot board and it took me a good hour to get them out.  But, they did come out and the bed looks perfect.  I did receive a few hundred dollars back which more than compensated me for that hour, so to me it was worth it.

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