Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Sprucing up my closet...

Ever since we moved into our house we have been slowly, very slowly... but surely turning it into a home we love and that reflects us.  Over the next couple months I will share with you what we have done so far.

I am going to start this house "tour" with the room I spend too much time in and is the most neglected, the master closet.  I decided it was about time I did something, anything, with my closet so I finally started working on it.

Here is what it looked like when we moved in...

Like all the other rooms in this house it was a sea of boring beige...

With this ugly florescent light...

On one side of the closet that you can't see there is a wall of shelves.  On the other wall there is nothing, which is kind of a waste.  

I want to spruce up this space with as small of a budget as possible.  My plan is to repaint, put in a new light, add shelves on the blank wall, and replace the carpet with wood that we had left over from downstairs.

So far there is a new light, which needs to be turned around so the seam is facing the other way, and the holes in the ceiling still need to be repaired...

I painted the whole closet SW 7005 Pure White...

...and I started a little project I have been wanting to do somewhere in my house.  For a couple years I have seen these gorgeous pictures of ceilings and walls covered with beautiful metallic papers.  After alot of research I learned some people apply metallic papers square by square and some use wall paper to get the look.

(picture from House Beautiful)

Well the wall paper was too expensive and would kill my budget, and the I decided against doing the ceiling because it would kill my I decided to do my own smaller version.

I purchased some pretty gold paper from Paper Source and some wallpaper paste from Sherwin Williams.  

I cut the paper into various rectangles and squares...

...then carefully painted the paste onto the back.

I started placing the squares on the both ends of the shelf working my way towards the middle, over lapping them in a random pattern to give a patch work look.

Gold Closet Shelves

I want to cover the back of every shelf on this unit and the one I want to build in the future.  So far I am LOVING the way it looks and I think my shoes look so happy in front of the gold. 

 gold Closet Shelves

 Hopefully in the next few weeks I will get the new shelves in and the new floor down.  Fingers crossed! 

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