Thursday, February 19, 2015

How to get off 3m Command Hooks with a broken pull tab...

Have you ever hung something up with those 3m Command Hook thingys because they look so easy to hang and to get off?  I use them all the time and they always go up quickly but every so often I fail at getting them off.  Actually, this happens a lot.  So much that my husband always reminds me that I am not allowed to take them off myself.  For some reason I always fail at pulling the tab straight down and the tab breaks on me.  I then have to wait for my husband to rip the thing off the wall for me.

Well this year for Christmas I used one my pantry door in the kitchen and of course I broke the tab and have been waiting for my hubby to get it off ever since.  It is now the beginning of the Easter season and that hook needs to come down.

I did a quick Pinterest search and I was in luck.  Of course every thing looks so easy and awesome on Pinterest so I quickly grabbed my supplies and got to work.

Pinterest told me to heat the hook up with a blow dryer then slide floss behind it and voila!  

I heated it for a few seconds then slid my floss between the hook and the door.  It was super easy and the hook came right off...only problem so did some of the paint. 

So if you need to do this, the hook will come off, but expect to do a little painting.

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