Friday, January 23, 2015

My seeds are here!

This may be the most exciting part about gardening! or is it when they start to sprout? or maybe when I get a veggie?  Well I guess for me there a lots of exciting parts, but this is definitely on the top of the list.

What's more exciting than getting seeds in the mail?  Seeds in cute packaging!

Out west our summer starts early so last night I planted a few seeds inside to give them a little head start before I plant them outside.

Not only do I garden because it's fun and I want fresh organic veggies in my back yard, but also because I'm cheap.  I prefer to start my plants from seed to save money and I start them in any container I can find.  I then label the containers with paint so I know which seedling is which when I transplant them outside.

Every year I try new plants and keep the ones that did well the previous year.  Gardening in the desert is always an experiment, every year is different and every year I encounter a new pest.  Here is what I am planting this year and I will keep you posted on how they work out.

These guys have done great in the past and get to come back:

Greencrop Bush Beans - My Grandma grows these back east and loves them, so last year I tried them                                         out here and couldn't believe how well they did. 
Basil- Italian Genovese


Parsley- Moss Curled

Bachelor's Button- multiple colors

Marigolds- multiple colors

Cosmos- multiple colors

Cherry Tomatos - Lizzano

Mint- This stuff grows like a weed so I always keep it in little containers.

Thyme- A few plants actually made it through the winter this year.

Oregano- Comes back on it's own every year and grows like a weed.

New for this year:

Basil - Thai, Red Rubin, Lemon, and Cinnamon

Eggplant- Long Purple - Last year a friend of mine grew these Long Purple/Japanese eggplants with
                                        great success.
Cucumbers- Armenian Burpless 

Chile Peppers- Pasilla Bajio and Ancho/Poblano

Yellow Summer Squash- Cube of Butter

Green Summer Squash- Cocozelle - Last year I grew a different variety and it did alright so I'm
                                      going to try a slightly different one this year.

Mustard Spinach-  Supposed to be hardier than spinach, so I am hoping it can take the heat.

I am hoping to have everything outside and growing sometime in March...

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