Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Is it Spring yet?

Today was an absolutely gorgeous day, it is spring right?  Winter's over?  I really wish it was.  I received my favorite seed catalog, Botanical Interests, in the mail the other day and I have been dreaming about what to plant this year ever since.  It was so lovely out today so I spent most of the afternoon cleaning up and doing a little pruning around the yard.  I love to garden and work on our little yard, except when it is the middle of summer, then I will tell you I hate it and it's a stupid idea.  I have small pots every where with herbs and flowers, but my main section is in the very back of yard behind our garage.  I have a few planters that I fill every year with different veggies and it's a constant experiment.  If something works it gets to come back next year, if it can't make it through the heat, gets too buggy, or takes too much water or work it gets kicked to the curb.  I currently have a pomegranate bush, rose bush, blackberry bush, hydrangea,  6 cabbages, and some garlic.

But this year I want more.  I want more space and more veggies.  I want to add a large raised bed with a little olive tree in the middle for a little protection from the sun.  I just hope the Mr. is on board since he will be in charge of building the raised bed.  This is what I have in  mind...

Don't be jealous of my drawing skills, it took years of practice to become this skilled....

I will keep you posted on the progress of my little plan, but for today I will have to settle for something a little smaller to satisfy my need to play with something green.  

I have had this jasmine plant sitting on my counter for almost a year now and he needs a little help.  I love this little guy because when these flowers bloom it is amazing, the smell fills my entire kitchen.  The only problem with him is that he is a bit ugly and out grew the little trellis he is growing up.  

So...I ordered these super cute topiary frames from Factory Direct Craft on Amazon to spruce this guy up a bit.

It was incredibly quick an easy, I just pulled out the old moss and trellis and inserted the new frame into the dirt.  I then carefully wrapped the vines up and around the metal frame and secured the vines in place with some raffia.

It will take him a little bit longer to completely cover the frame, but I enjoy having something green to play with in the house.  I threw some new moss on top of the dirt and he was all done with his little makeover.  Now back to daydreaming with my seed catalog...

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