Saturday, June 13, 2015

Lamp Makeover

I have been slowly giving my bedroom a makeover...slowly.  I painted, then I got a new bed, I'm working on a new nightstand for my side of the bed (which I'll show you at a later date), and I recently gave my lamps a much needed makeover.

The other day I was telling my friend about my lamp makeover and she was all.."you know you can get really nice lamps for a good price at Homegoods".  The thing is these lamps actually came from Homegoods a couple years ago.  They were really nice and I still liked them, but they just didn't make sense in my room anymore.  I thought about getting new ones and started shopping around a little but just didn't want to spend any money.  I was willing to spend $5, $10 tops and yeah, it's just not possible to find a lamp or new lamp shade for that price.  Even if I did buy new lamps what would I do with the old ones?  So I had to find away to fix these guys up a little .  

So I started with buying a new socket from Amazon.  When shopping around I noticed all the lamps I really liked had a pull chain and it really does make turning the light on and off from bed so much easier.  This was actually the only thing I purchased,  I found everything else in my craft room, so I was pretty happy with myself.

While we had the lamp apart to put on the new socket I painted all the silver pieces gold.  I used some gold Royal Stencil Creme that I already had from a previous project and it worked wonderfully.

Next I had to tackle the lamp shade.  It seemed simple enough in my mind and I came up with a game plan, but things came apart quickly.  

I started out taking the fabric off and I thought it would be sooo easy.  Just peal the old fabric off and glue the new one on and done.  Unfortunately like I said, things came apart quickly....

Yikes!  So I just started slowly and carefully putting everything back together.  First I used some spray adhesive to stick the new fabric on to the old lampshade.  

Then I slowly hot glued the top metal frame on to the lamp shade.  This was actually easier than I thought it would be.  Just remember to leave a little bit at the end unglued so you can slide in the bottom hoop and glue that into place.

Next I cut a couple strips of fabric and glued them over the edges to hide the metal hoop.  Also this paint can opener has become my best friend when it comes to hot gluing things, it's like an extra finger that doesn't burn.  

Right about now Leo and I let out a huge sigh of relief, it was finally starting to look like a lamp shade again.  

The only thing left to do was add a little trim to the top and bottom to hide all the seams.  I used the same white fabric and ironed it into pretty little strips, then glued it on with fabric glue.

So happy that worked out.  Not gonna lie, I had my doubts, but it wasn't that bad and I love my lamps again. 

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